Swacchhta Action Plan (SAP)

Activity wise progress report for the quarter April – June-2020 undertaken by ICAR-IIAB, Ranchi

SL.NO Activities Brief description of work done
1 Digitization of office records/ e-office, The office records of ICAR-IIAB has been digitalized and e-office has been implemented.
2 Basic maintenance We have been following general cleaning in the premises of IINRG PDU Campus, Palandu Residential Campus, Camp Office and A, B and D blocks of Garhkhatanga campus.
3 Sanitation and SWM Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are strictly following guidelines of sanitation practices for of all the staff and whole office premises. At the entrance, we have thermal scanners, which are effective in detecting people/staffs who have developed a fever because of infection. Easy to operate, foot pedal based, safe & hygienic sanitizer dispenser is placed at the entrance of all scientific and administration blocks.
4 Cleaning and beautification of surrounding areas Cleanliness can keep our physical and mental health clean to make us feel good and it is essential part of our healthy living. Day to day, we are carrying out cleaning in and around our office premises and beautification of surrounding are maintained with plantation of flowering plants and dwarf flowering shrubs.
5 Vermicomposting / Composting of biodegradable waste management & other activities on generate of wealth for waste Six spots have been identified in the new campus for installation of vermicomposting units. Two old pits have been renovated.
6 Used water for agriculture/ horticulture application Irrigated agriculture is the highest water demanding activity in the world, and therefore, the need of the hour is to adopt measures to reuse water, aiming to ensuring water availability for future. In camp office B, the run-off of water from agriculture field are collected into the stocking pond for its use during the lean period
7 Swachhta Awareness at local level Lalkhatanga panchayat of Namkum block, Ranchi, has been selected to generate awareness on Swachhata involving Mukhiya, but due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are carrying this activity using virtual mode at local level.
8 Swachhta Workshops Swachhta workshops on the topic “Shun the use of single use plastic” has been carried out and during the workshop safe disposal of masks waste also discussed.
9 Swachhta Pledge Swachhta pledge was taken at Lalkhatanga panchayat involving local youth and following social distancing to generate mass awareness on the Swacchhta program.
10 Display and Banne A banner on “Swatchhta Hi Seva” Program was displayed at the entrance of our main gate.
11 Foster healthy competition Healthy competition puts at least some amount of focus on the bigger-picture benefiting an entire organization. To foster healthy competition, clean lab competition was organized among the staffs.
12 Involvement of print and electronic media An online competition for staff getting maximum likes on popular social media site, Facebook, with “Swacchhta Slogan” was organized.
13 Involving and with the help of the farmers,farm women and village youth in their adopted villages (no of adopted villages) With the farmers and farm women, we have adopted 03 villages namely, Maheshpur, Lalkhatanga, and Kharsidaag of Ranchi district for SBM program.
14 No of Staff members involved in the activities A total number of 35 personss of our IIAB campus have been involved in the Swacchhta activities at regular intervals.
15 No of VIP/VVIPs involved in the activities Four VIP were involved in the activities
16 Expenditure during the period IIAB, Ranchi has incurred Rs. 1.38/- lakhs under Swachhata Action plan.
17 Any other specific activity in Swachh Bharat Mission & Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) (in details) NIL