Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The 10th meeting of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of the ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology was held on 2-3 Feb. 2023.

Members of RAC

1 Dr. Swapan Kumar Dutta (Ex-DDG Crop Science, ICAR) Chairman
2 Dr. R. Srinivasan (Former Director, ICAR-NRCPB) Member
3 Dr. S. M. Deb (Former Director, ICAR NRC on Yak and Pr. Scientist & Head I/c, NDRI ERS Member
4 Prof. A. K. Pal (Former Joint Director, ICAR-CIFE) Member
5 Dr. Sujay Rakshit (Director, ICAR-IIAB) Member
6 Dr. Madan Kumar (Senior Scientist, ICAR-IIAB) Member Secretary