Institutional Projects

SL.NO Project Title Project Name Start Date End Date Principal Investigator
1 IXX12649 Molecular breeding for the development of rice varieties with inbuilt resistance/tolerance to drought, low soil P, and blast. April 01, 2016 Project continuing Dr. V.P. Bhadana
2 Genome analysis, linkage mapping, and identification of gene(s) /QTLS for seed oil and protein content in winged bean. October 2021 September 2026 Dr. B.K. Singh
3 Genetic mapping of gene(s)/QTLs for photoperiod sensitivity in winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L.) October 2021 September 2026 Dr. Kishor U. Tribhuvan
4 Improvement of rice yield under low light intensity conditions. August 2020 March 2024 Dr. Avinash Pandey
5 Understanding the biochemical and molecular mechanism of tannin biosynthesis in faba bean (Vicia faba). October 2021 September 2026 Dr. Sujit Kumar Bishi
6 IXX12645 Identification of genes/QTLs responsible for zinc homeostasis in rice. October 2017 Project continuing Dr. Madan Kumar
7 Understanding the morpho-physiological and molecular mechanism of seed shattering in grain amaranths (Amaranthus spp.). October 2021 September 2026 Dr. Madan Kumar
8 IXX13896 Ideotype breeding in horse gram for Jharkhand region. October 2017 Project continuing Dr. Sudhir Kumar
9 Molecular dissection of plant architecture traits in winged bean through mutagenesis and genomic approaches. October 2021 September 2026 Dr. Sudhir Kumar
10 Investigating the role of purine degrading pathway genes of hemibiotroph fungal pathogens during host-pathogen interaction and their potential to confer disease resistance in maize. October 2021 September 2026 Dr. Shambhu Krishan. Lal
11 Evaluating the nano-inspired degradation of aquatic pollutants with special reference to lac dye and jute retting wastewater. October 4, 2021 October 4, 2024 Dr. Biplab Sarkar
12 Deciphering the role of the microbiome, including extremophiles in water bodies and surrounding phylloplane in coal mining areas in the perspective of intensive aquaculture, including biofloc system. October 4, 2021 October 4, 2026 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta
13 IXX12950 Molecular characterization of the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) genes of indigenous pig (Sus scrofa). October 1, 2016 Project continuing Dr. Soumen Naskar