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Dr Suryakant Manik Dr Suryakant Manik Designation : Scientist (Plant Pathology) , +91-7008420128 view resume

Dr Suryakant Manik, born and raised in Kendrapara, Odisha. He did his graduation with a B.Sc. (Agriculture) from the College of Agriculture, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (O.U.A.T.), Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He completed his Post-Graduation in Plant Pathology (M.Sc. Agriculture) with the ICAR-National Talent Scholarship Award (2017) from the Faculty of Agriculture, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya (BCKV), Mohanpur, West Bengal. He enrolled in his Ph. D. program, with the IARI Fellowship, in the Discipline of Plant Pathology (Plant Virology specialization) at ICAR- IARI, New Delhi in 2019, and completed his Ph.D. research work entitled “Effect of exogenously applied nano-conjugated dsRNA against groundnut bud necrosis virus infection in tomato”. He qualified ASRB-ARS Exam -2021 and joined as a scientist (Plant Pathology) in the ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IIAB) on 11th April 2023.

Identification and characterization of fungal pathogens and Management of groundnut bud necrosis virus by exogenous application dsRNAs as a biopesticide

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