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Dr. Sakshi Kaith Dr. Sakshi Kaith Designation : Scientist (Animal Biotechnology), +91-8683012027 view resume

Dr. Sakshi Kaith is native of Jammu (J&K), completed her B.Sc. from Jammu University with Majors in Biotechnology in 2012. She completed her Master’s degree in Animal Biotechnology from ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana) in 2014. Thereafter, she obtained her Ph.D. degree in Animal Biotechnology from the same institute. She joined as ARS scientist on 11th April, 2023 and got the first posting in IIAB, Ranchi. She has qualified CSIR-JRF and NET in Life Sciences, ICAR-NET in Animal Biotechnology, ICAR-SRF in Veterinary and Animal Sciences-II, GATE Life Sciences. She Received certificate of appreciation for outstanding research work during M.Sc. in field of Dairy Production during 2013-2014 at ICAR-NDRI Karnal. She received Institutional Fellowship by National Dairy Research Institute for M.Sc. and Ph.D. program. Also, she has been awarded ‘Best Oral Presentation’ by School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, in Virtual conference on Proteomics in Agriculture and Healthcare (March 13-14, 2021). She has been selected for “PSI Travel Award” and “Oral presentation” at 9th Annual meeting of Proteomics Society, India (2017).

Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics, MS Data analysis, Bioinformatics, Animal Cell culture, Assisted Reproductive Biotechnology, Hand Made Cloning Technique, In Vitro Fertilization.

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  2. Madheshiya, P. K., Sahare, A. A., Jyotsana, B., Singh, K. P., Saini, M., Raja, A., Kaith, S….&Palta, P. (2015). Production of a cloned buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) calf from somatic cells isolated from urine. Cellular Reprogramming (Formerly" Cloning and Stem Cells"), 17(3), 160-169.

Popular Article :

  1. Soni, P.G., Kumar, A., Yadav, T., Kaith, S., & Saharan, R. (2016). Salinity Stress in Plant. Indian Farmer, 3(4):272-275.
  2. Saharan, R., Soni, P. G., Kaith, S., & Yadav, T. (2016). Sweet Sorghum: An Alternative Energy Crop for Biofuel, Food and High Biomass. Indian Farmer, 3 (7) 507-512.