Personal Information

Dr Kartik Sharma Dr Kartik Sharma Designation : Scientist (Agronomy), +91-9671801955 view resume

Academics and Awards
B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture, CCSHAU, Hisar (2016); M.Sc. Agronomy, CCSHAU, Hisar (2018); Ph.D. Agronomy, PAU, Ludhiana (2023)
• Recipient of HAU Merit Gold Medal Award during B.Sc.
• ICAR- Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) during Ph.D.
• Qualified ICAR-JRF during M.Sc.
• Student Travel Grant Award by Indian Society of Weed Science, Jabalpur (MP)
• Qualified ASRB- NET (87.3%)

Integrated Farming Systems (IFS); Cropping Systems; Weed Science; Conservation Agriculture

Peer Reviewed/Refereed Journals :

  1. Sharma K, Walia SS, Dhaliwal SS, Saini KS and Bhagat R (2023) Residual effect of nitrogen management on succeeding summer moong (Vigna radiata) under maize-wheat-moong rotation. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 93(7), 762–767.
  2. Sharma K, Punia SS, Mehta AK and Leharwan M (2021). Bioefficacy of imazethapyr applied alone and in combination with other herbicides in black gram and their residual effect on succeeding pearl-millet and sorghum crops. Legume Research- An International Journal, doi.10.18805/LR-4494
  3. Dhanda S, Sharma K and Chauhan B (2023) Germination responses of vipergrass (Dinebra retroflexa) to environmental factors and herbicide options for its control. Weed Science, 71(2): 124-132. doi:10.1017/wsc.2023.3
  4. Sharma K, Dhanda S, Leharwan M and Singh K (2021) Challenges and management of herbicide resistant weeds in wheat in India. Agricultural Reviews. doi10.18805/ag.R-2233
  5. Sharma A, Yadav R, Sheoran R, Kaushik D, Mohanta TK, Sharma K, Yadav A, Dhanda PS, Kaushik P (2023) Estimation of Heterosis and the Combining Ability Effect for Yield and Its Attributes in Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Using PCA and GGE Biplots. Horticulturae, 9(2):256.
  6. Kumar R, Niwas R, Sharma K and Bhagat R (2023). Effect of Different Growing Environments of Pigeonpea Cultivars on Population Dynamics of Clavigralla gibbosa and its Relationship with Microclimate. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 35(3), 21–29.
  7. Singh K, Dhanda S, Sharma K and Panghaal D (2021) Sustainable issues and crop diversification of the rice-wheat cropping system for higher productivity and resource use efficiency: A review. International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, 33(6): 9–21.

Chapters in books:

  1. Sharma K, Singh K, Manjeet and Kumar Rakesh (2021) Organic Integrated Farming System. Emerging Trends in Agriculture Sciences (Vol.1). Integrated Publications, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-90471-71-3.
  2. Sharma K, Kumar R and Leharwan M (2021) Nutritional Requirement Under Inter, Mixed, Sequential, Relay and Alley Cropping System. Recent Approaches in Sustainable Agriculture, Development and Food Security, Crop Management, Forestry, Food Technology and Environmentally Balanced Production Enhancement. Mahima Research Foundation and Social Welfare, BHU, Varanasi, ISBN 978-81-94337-5-4-6.
  3. Singh Brar N, Mahala P, Sharma K, Singh Dhanda P, Yadav A, Sharma M, et al. Cumin (Cuminium cyminium L.): A Seed Spice Crop with Adopted Production Technology in Cumin Cultivated Regions [Internet]. Ginger - Cultivation and Use. IntechOpen; 2023. Available from:

Popular articles:

  1. Sharma K, Malhi GS, Gupta G and Kaur M (2020) Biological weed control: A way to sustainable weed management. Indian Farmer 7(9): 853-60.
  2. Malhi GS, Sharma K, Kaur M and Gupta G (2020) Bajra Napier Hybrid: An Ideal Crop for Round the Year Green Fodder Production. Agriculture and Food: E-Newsletter, 2(9): 907-09.