Zonal Summary

S No. / State No. of institutes / universities involved Total No of Groups/team formed No. of Scientists Involved No. of villages covered No. of field activities conducted No. of messages/advisory sent Farmers involved (No.)
ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi-834010 2 (Two) 13 6 Nos 83 25 times(Telephonic conversation) 650

Detailed Progress:

  • The programme initiated at ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology Ranchi, during 2019-20
    and two (2) multi-disciplinary teams formulated incorporating 13 scientist comprising 6 villages in
    total in two districts (Latehar and Ranchi) of Jharkhand have been selected.
  • Technical supports being provided through, village meeting, providing literature, focus-group
    discussions and mobile advisory particularly in field of plant protection and animal husbandry
  • About 40 visits have been made by different teams during 2019-20.
  • One training programme was organized on scientific vegetable farming for socio-economic upliftment of
  • Experts from ICAR-IIAB, Ranchi highlighted the importance on various aspects of agriculture such as
    growing of high value crops, green manuring, organic farming, integrated farming system, scientific
    pisiculture, ornamental fish farming etc.
  • General sensitization programme was done on sensitization of Swachhta Hi Seva, climate change, soil and
    water conservation, soil test based application of fertilizer, zero budget farming etc
  • Special awareness programme was organized for scheduled vaccination and deworming of domestic animal.
  • In view of addressing the technical problem of farmer at village level, research programme will
    accordingly prioritized at institute level.

Detailed Progress:

No. of Team of Scientists No. of Scientists No. of Villages No. of Blocks No. of Districts Bench Mark Survey conducted(No. of villages)
1 Dr. Sudhir Kumar.
Dr. Madan Kumar,
Dr. Rishikesh Kumar,
Dr. Avinash
Dr. Sujatha TP.
Dr. SK. Bishi,
Dr. K. Tribhuvan,
Dr, B.K.
Dr. A.K. Singh,
Dr. V.P. Bhadana
4 (Chetag,Baniyo,Diridag and Suparan) Balumath Latehar Yes ( In all selected villages)
2(Garkhatanga,Lalkhatanga) Namkum Ranchi Yes ( In all selected villages)
2 Dr. Biplab Sarkar,
Dr. Soumen Naskar,
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Chetag Suparan Balumath Latehar Yes ( In all selected villages)
2(Garkhatanga,Lalkhatanga) Namkum Ranchi Yes ( In all selected villages)

Activities undertaken
Activities organised by ICAR Institutes/ SAUs under MGMG

S.No. Name of activity No. of activities conducted No. of farmers participated & benefitted
1 Visit to village by teams 38 240
2 Interface meeting/ Goshthies 16 150
3 Training organized 1 70
4 Demonstrations conducted
5 Mobile based advisories(No of message) 25
agricultural and
6 Literature support provided (No) 1 (Hand written) 100
7 Awareness created (No) 18 150
8 Other, if any
Total 760

Table -2: Other activities organized by ICAR Institutes/ SAUs under MGMG

S.No. Name of activity No. /Area (ha) No. of farmers participated & benefitted
1 Linkages developed with other agencies (No. of agency)
2 Facilitation for new varieties, seeds, technology
i. New varieties (No.) High protein rice variety (CRD-310) 40
ii. Technology (No.)
iii. Seeds (q)
iv. New crops (No.)
V. Other Scientific pisciculture/composite fish culture 30
Ornamental fish farming 30

Activity-wise action photographs with caption (also attach photographs JPEG format

Case study with good quality photograph

scientist interaction at Sangaithel (Latehar) under MGMG programme

field visit by Experts from ICAR-IIAB at adopted village

Name of Nodal

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Scientist (GPB) & Nodal Officer ICAR-IIAB

Dr. Madan Kumar, Scientist (PP) & Co-nodal officer, ICAR-IIAB,