Details of Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav (MGMG)

Name of institutes/universities involved Total No. of Groups formed No. of Scientist Involved No. of village covered No. of field activities conducted No. of messages/advisory sent Farmers involved (No.)
ICAR institutes
ICAR-1ndian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi-834010 2 (Two) 11 4 Nos 83 15 times (Telephonic conversation) 1090
  • The programme initiated at ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology Ranchi, during 2018-19
    and two (2) multi-disciplinary teams formulated incorporating 9 scientist(including Nodal Officer)
    comprising 6 villages in total in two districts (Latehar and Ranchi) of Jharkhand have been selected.
  • About 1000 farmers from different adopted villages covered and benchmark survey were conducted. Majority
    of population (more than 65%) belongs to SC/ST communities.
  • Non-availability of quality inputs, intermittent drought, lack of irrigation facilities,problematic
    soils (acidic), free grazing (after kharif), marketing, storage problems and lack of institutional
    credit, etc. are major problems identified in all the adopted villages
  • Technical supports being provided through, village meeting, providing literature, focus-group
    discussions and mobile advisory (Telephonic conversation regarding plant protections and improved
    packages and practices, scientific pisiculture, etc.)
  • About 30 visits have been made by different teams during 2018-19.
  • Awareness programme were organized for growing of high value crops, protected cultivation,
  • General awareness created on sensitization of Swachhta Hi Seva, Vigilance awareness,utilization of
    agricultural waste/by products, farming systems research and prevention of post-harvest loss.
  • About one number of training programmes on improved packages and practices on agri-horticultural crops
    for economic boost.
  • Farmers from selected villages were also called on occasions of farmers fair organized jointly by
    ICAR-IIAB, Ranchi, ICAR-IINRG Ranchi and BAU, Kanke Ranchi as exposure visit.

Activities organized by ICAR Institutes/ SAUs under MGMG

S.No. Name of activity No. of activities conducted No. of farmers participated & benefitted
1 Visit to village by teams 30 350
2 Interface meeting/ Goshthies 16 240
3 Training organized 1 70
4 Demonstrations conducted
5 Mobile based advisories (No of message) 15 (Telephonic conversation regarding agricultural and allied information’s ) 60
6 Awareness created (No.) 18 300
7 Other if any

Table -2: Other activities organized by ICAR Institutes/ SAUS under MGMG

S.No. Name of activity No./Area (ha) No. of farmers benefitted
1 Linkages developed with other agencies (No. of agency)
2 Facilitation for new varieties, seeds, technology
i. New varieties (No.) Nil Nil
ii. Technology (No.)
iii. Seeds (q)
iv. New crops (No.) 1 (Mustard) 190
V. Other
Scientific fish farming 30
Growing of high value agro-forestry plants 50

programme on agri-horticultural crops at Chetag, Balumath Latehar

Scientist interaction programme at Chetag Panchyat