Office Order

The Director, !CAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechno log y, Ranchi is pleased to constitute following committees w.e.f. 18.04.2019 till 31.3.2020 (or till further orders) for smooth functioning of institute’ s work. The Member-Secretary of the Committee in consultation with Chairman/Convenorshould ensure to conduct the meeting s as per requirement.

1. Institute Joint Staff Council(IJSC)

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. DrV.P.Bhadana
  3. Dr BiplabSarkar
  4. Dr A.K.Singh
  5. AF&AO
  6. AAO (MemberSecretary)

2. Institute Grievance Cell(IGC)

  1. Dr B.K. Singh(Chairman)
  2. Dr SoumenNaskar,Member
  3. Dr Sanjay Gupta ,Member
  4. Dr Madan Kumar,Member
  5. Dr Sujatha T.P. ,Member
  6. AAO (MemberSecretary)

3. Institute Technology Management Committee(ITMC)

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Dr Madan Kumar,Member
  3. Dr Sujatha T.P. ,Member
  4. Dr Sanjay Gupta,Member
  5. Dr B. K. Singh, Officer 1/c ITMU (Member-Secretary)

4. Institute Research Committee(IRC)

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Dr V.P.Bhadana, Member
  3. Dr BiplabSarkar,Member
  4. Dr B.K. Singh, Member
  5. Dr A.K .Singh,Member
  6. Dr Avinash Pandey,Member
  7. Dr Sujit Bishi ,Member
  8. Dr Sudhir Kumar, Member
  9. Dr Sanjay Gupta, Member I0.DrMadanKumar,Member
  10. Dr Sujatha T.P.,Member
  11. Dr RishikeshKumar ,Member
  12. Dr SoumenNaskar,Officer 1/c, PME Cell (Member-Secretary)

5. Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)Cell

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Dr A.K. Singh,Member
  3. Dr Avinash Pandey,Member
  4. Dr Sujit Bishi ,Member
  5. Dr Sujatha T.P,Member
  6. Dr SoumenNaskar, Officer 1/c &(Member-Secretary)

6. Institute ForesightCommittee

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Dr V.P. Bhadana,Member
  3. 1/c Heads of all School,Member
  4. Officer 1/c,AKMU

Not : The Foresight Committee of the Institute will determine the future demands and challenges of Agriculture and will suggest the future technological needs, manpower requirements and Institutional capacities and the directions of movement to achieve these eulbrtlessly to sustain the food demands and agricultural growth.

7. Project Monitoring Committee(PMC)

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Head ,School of GMB,Member
  3. Head ,School of GE,Member
  4. Head, School of MD&P,Member
  5. Officer 1/c, PME Cell(Member-Secretary)

8. Budget/Senior Officers Committee

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. Head, School of GMB-Member
  3. Head ,School of GE-Member
  4. Head ,School of MD&P-Member
  5. Member-S ecretary, PME Cell – Member
  6. Chairman ,Farm Mana gementCommittee-Member
  7. Incharge,Security & Estate Cell – Member
  8. Chairman ,Library ManagementCommittee-Member
  9. lncharge,ITMU-MemberI
  10. AAO-Member
  11. AF&AO (Member Secretary)

9. Farm AdvisoryCommittee

  1. Dr V.P. Bhadana(Chairman)
  2. Dr SoumenNaskar, Officer Incahrge, LR&TC
  3. Dr Sanjay Gupta, Officer lncharge,FR&TC
  4. Dr Sudhir Kumar ,Officer lncharge,FCR&TC
  5. AF&AO,Member
  6. AAO,Member

10. HRD and Institute Deputation Committee

  1. I. Dr V.P. Bhadana(Chairman)
  2. Dr Biplab Sarkar,Member
  3. Dr A.K. Sin gh,Member
  4. Dr B.K. Sin gh, Member
  5. SoumenNaskar, Member
  6. Sujata T.P. ,Member
  7. Dr Avinash Pandey(Member-Secretary)

Terms of Reference of HRD/Academic Committee : The Academic Committee of the Institute shall formulate policies on admission and allotment of Co-guide for eligible students registered for MSc/ Ph.D degree in the SAU and/or in the Institutes/Universities who have signed MoU with IIAB and examine/ recommend requests of candidates willing to undergo short term training programmes at HAB. This committee shall also scrutinise and recommend scientists for attending conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, etc in India and abroad

11. Security &Estate Management Committee

  1. Dr Sujit Bishi(Chairman)
  2. Dr Madan Kumar, Member
  3. Dr Rishikesh Kumar,Member
  4. AF&AO,Member
  5. AAO,Member

12. Resource generation and Farm Produce Price Fixation Committee

  1. Dr Avinash Pandey(Chairman)
  2. Sanjay Gupta,Member
  3. Sudhir Kuma r,Member
  4. AF&AO,Member
  5. AAO,Member

13. Institute Purchase Advisory Committee

  1. Dr A.K. Singh (Chairman)
  2. DrSanjayGupta, Member
  3. Dr Sudhir Kumar, Member
  4. AF&AO, Member
  5. AAO (Member-Secretary)

14. Proprietary & Technical Evaluation Committee (PlanEquipment)

  1. Dr B.K. Singh(Chairman)
  2. Soumen Naskar,Member
  3. Dr Sujit Bishi,Member
  4. Dr Madan Kumar ,Member
  5. Dr Rishikesh Kumar, Member

15. Physical verification committee

  1. Dr BiplabSarkar
  2. Dr SujitBishi
  3. Dr SanjayGupta
  4. Indenter

Not : This Committee is responsible for joint physical verification of items/articles received in the store. Nodal officer, Store will only make entry in the store register after proper verification/certification by the committee.

16. Library Advisory Committee

  1. Director (Chairman)
  2. Dr Sudhir Kumar ,Member
  3. Dr Avinash Pandey, Member
  4. Dr Sujatha T. P.,Member
  5. AF&AO, Member
  6. AAO, Member
  7. DrA.K.Singh,Library1/c(Member-Secretary)
T e rms of R e fe re nc e of Lib ra r y Ad v is o ryCo m mittee :

• To consider policy matters regarding Library including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the Purchase Committee for Library procurements

• To negotiate and approve subscriptions to online databases (e-journals, EBooks, CD ROMS)

• To monitor and evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies, networking, library automation, library cooperation etc.

• To formulate action plan for the development of library human resource, infrastructure, facilities, products and services.

• To review monthly progress of Library activities and suggest improvements i f required (in future).

17. Standing Local Purchase Committee

  1. Dr Sujit Bishi(Chairman)
  2. Dr SanjayG upta,Member
  3. Dr Rishikesh Kumar ,Member
  4. AF&AO,Member
  5. AAO,Member

18. Works and Building Maintenance Committee

  1. Dr Y.P. Bhadana (Chairman)
  2. Dr Avinash Pandey,Member
  3. Dr Soumen Naskar,Member
  4. Dr Sanjay Gupta ,Member
  5. Dr Sudhir Kumar,Member
  6. Sh OmPrakash, RCER RC, Palandu,Member
  7. Officer lncharge (Security & Estate Management)
  8. Sh. RishikantSingh, AF&AO,Member
  9. Sh. ArunKumar Tripathi, AAO,Member
Terms of Reference of Works Committee :

• To look into all proposals on Major works, including petty/ Minor works and make recommendation for ap proval, and expenditure sanction.

• To meet periodically as and when necessary. In the absence of the Chairman, the next senior most member will act as Chairman and conduct the meeting.

• To examine the works proposal as per GFR and on priority basis without loss of time.

• To scrutinize the estimates /proposals of CPWD /Departmental works and recommend for necessary approval.

Any other matter related to works and as assigned by the Director.

19. PublicationCommittee

  1. Dr Avinash Pandey(Chairman)
  2. Dr Sujit Bishi,Member
  3. Dr Sujatha T.P. ,Member
  4. Dr Sanjay Gupta,Member
  5. Dr RishikeshKumar,Member

20. Vehicle Approval &Allotment (Local) and Maintenance Committee

  1. Dr Biplab Sarkar(Chairman)
  2. Dr Sudhir Kumar, Me mber
  3. Dr Sujit Bishi, Member
  4. AF&AO, Member
  5. AAO (MemberSecretary)

21. Outreach and KisanMelaCommittee

  1. Dr B.K. Singh(Chairman)
  2. DrAvinashPandey,Member
  3. Dr Sudhir Kuma r,Member
  4. Dr Sanjay Gupta ,Member
  5. Dr RishikeshKumar,Member

22. SportsCommittee

  1. Dr Madan Kumar(Chairman)
  2. Dr Sanjay Gupta,Member
  3. Dr Sujit Bishi,Member
  4. Dr Rishikesh Kuma r,Member
  5. ShRishikantS ingh,AF& AO,Member
  6. ShArun Kumar Tripathi, AAO ,Member

23. Computer/IT &InstrumentationCommittee

  1. Dr Rishikesh Kumar(Chairman)
  2. Dr SoumenNaskar,Member
  3. Dr Sudhir Kumar ,Member
  4. Dr Sujatha T.P., Member

24. Monthly ReviewCommittee

  1. Director (Chairman)
  2. All 1/c Head s ofSchool
  3. AllScientists
  4. Dr BiplabSarkar(Member-Secretary)

25. Women’s CellCommittee

  1. Dr Sujatha T.P.(Chairperson)
  2. Dr Bhadana V.P. ,Member
  3. Dr A.K. Singh, Me mber
  4. Dr BiplabSarkar,Member
  5. Dr BhavanaPatnaykuni(ICAR-RCE R RC, Palandu) ,Member
  6. AAO (MemberSecretary)

26. Rajbhasba ImplementationCommittee

  1. Director(Chairman)
  2. All I/c Head s of School,Member
  3. Dr Sanjay Gupta,Member
  4. ShRishikantSingh, AF&AO,Member
  5. ShArun Kumar Tripathi, AAO,Member
  6. Dr AnjeshKumar(Member-Secretary)

27. Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) Committee

  1. Dr B.K. Singh(Chairman)
  2. Dr Sanjay Gupta,Member
  3. Dr Madan Kumar ,Member
  4. Dr Sujatha T.P.(Member-Secretary)

28. Agriculture Knowledge Management Unit (AKMU)Committee

  1. Dr A.K. Singh(Chairman)
  2. Dr Avinash Pandey, Member
  3. Dr Madan Kumar,Member
  4. Dr SudhirKumar,Member
  5. Dr Sanjay Gupta(Member-Secretary)

29. Publication ReviewCommittee

  1. Officer Incharge, PME Cell(Chairman)
  2. Dr BiplabSarkar,Member
  3. Dr Madan Kumar ,Member
  4. Dr RishikeshKumar ,Member

30. MeraGaonMera Gaurav (MGMG) ProgrammeCommittee

  1. Dr Sudhir Kumar (NodalOfficer)
  2. Dr Madan Kumar (Co-NodalOfficer)
  3. All Scientistsof the Institute,Members
  4. Dr Rishikesh Kumar (MemberSecretary)

31. SwachhataAbhiyanCommittee

  1. Dr Sanjay Gupta(Chairman)
  2. Dr RishikeshKumar ,Member
  3. Dr Madan Kumar ,Member
  4. Dr Sujatha T P,Member
  5. AF&AO ,Member
  6. AAO,Member

In the absence of Chairperson/Convenor, the next senior most person in theCommittee would act as Chairperson for smooth functioning.

Nodal Officers for different Institute’s portfolios

Name of the Nodal Officer Responsibilities
Dr VP Bhadana AE-BAS, NEH
Dr Sou.menNaskar PME, PMS, Perrnisnet- II, ICAR-MIS, ERP
Dr A.K. Singh AKMU
Dr Avinash Pandey Krishi Portal, SCSP
Dr BiplabSarkar Agriculture Technology Foresight Centre (ATFC), CPGRMS,CPIO/RTI
Dr Sudhir Kumar Public Information Officer/RT!
Dr Sujatha T.P. HRD
Dr Anjesh Kumar Rajbhasha Implementation
Dr Madan Kumar* Store

*Dr RishikeshKumar shall be Co-Nodal Officer (Store) and act as Noda l Officer in the absence of Dr Madan Kumar.