Research Farms

Systematic development of research-farm at ICAR-IIAB was initiated by undertaking activities like extensive cleaning of heavy infestations of Saccharum sp. and cutting, filling and leveling of undulations. A total area of around 3.5 ha of cultivable land was prepared and sowing of wheat, maize and mustard was done. Area around the water sources of the farm was also cleaned to make them operational. To ensure continuous availability of water for irrigation and other farm related activities, groundwater prospecting in all the three farms of ICAR-IIAB was done by mapping of subsurface geological terrain, and in this endeavor six promising sites were identified and marked by iron pillars for drilling. Deep well boring at all these promising sites is in progress.

A 55 HP tractor (New Holland 5530 4WD) and farm implements like rotavator, seed cum fertilizer drill, cultivator, disc harrow, mould-board plough, land leveler, trolley, cage wheel etc have been procured and are being used for regular farm related activities.