School of Genomics and Molecular Breeding


  1. Dr. Vijai Pal Bhadana, Pr. Scientist (Genetics & Plant Breeding)
  2. Dr. Binay Kumar Singh, Sr. Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)
  3. Dr. Anil Kumar Singh, Sr. Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)
  4. Dr. Soumen Naskar, Sr. Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)
  5. Sh. Kishor U. Tribhuvan, Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)
  6. Sh. Shambhu Krishan Lal, Scientist (Agril. Biotechnology)


Institutional Project 

  • 1. IIAB-CBB-01: Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • a. IIAB-CBB-01-01: Identification and characterization of drought-responsive genes of wild chickpea (Cicer microphyllum)
  • b. IIAB-CBB-01-02: Identification of genes/QTLs for heat tolerance in lentil.
  • 2. IIAB-TRCI-01: Translational Research for Crop Improvement
  • a. IIAB-TRCI-01-01: Introgression of genes/QTLs for drought tolerance and efficient phosphorus uptake in rice using MAS
  • b. IIAB-TRCI-01-02: Identification and functional characterization of genes/QTLs responsible for Zinc homeostasis in rice.
  • c. IIAB-TRCI-01-03: Identification and mapping of novel genes/QTLs for phosphorus uptake and use efficiency in rice

Inter-Institutional Project

  1. 1.1.035: Isolation and characterization of root nodule bacteria from Flemingia sp.

2. FTP 001: Construction of cDNA library of Indian lac insect, Kerria lacca and screening for genes involved in aleuritic acid biosynthesis.

3. FTP 002: