Frontline Demonstrations (FLD)

ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research had allotted 20 FLDs of 1 ha each of paddy variety IR64 drt in aerobic condition to ICAR-IIAB, Ranchi. In this direction our institute had organised above mentioned Front line Demonstration in 25 acres in Karge village of Mandar Block and 15 acres in Kutiyatu and 15 acres in Lalkhatanga villages of Namkum Block in Ranchi district. Under this programme foundation seed of paddy variety IR64 drt and Pendimethylene (pre-emergence weedicide) were distributed among farmers before the onset of monsoon. Besides this, the technological know-how to cultivate these crops under given agro-climatic conditions was also shared with the tribal farmer in a participatory mode and in both the Hindi and the local languages for enhanced adoption. The interested farmer had given the opportunity to share the knowledge he/she has gained during the programme with the present scientist as well as rest of their colleague. Sowing was done in presence of experts. The farmers had shown very much interest in the cultivation of this variety due to its drought tolerance capacity and direct sowing method of cultivation which was entirely new for them.

fld1Orientation training Kutiyatu Village, Namkum Block
fld2Orientation training Kutiyatu Village, Namkum Block
fld3Seed distribution in Kutiyatu Village, Namkum Block
fld4Seed distribution in Karge Village, Mander Block
fld5Seed distribution in Lalkhatanga Village, Namkum Block