Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)

 Tetri and Garhkhatanga are tribal dominated villages in Namkum block in Ranchi district. Training and Demonstration programmes for the tribal farmers were organized. Details are mentioned below:
Training Programme: Farmers’ training programme on the topic “Crop cultivation and Pisciculture” was held in Garhkhatanga and Tetri villages on 14.06.2016 and 01.07.2016 respectively. Seed production and cultivation of drought tolerant variety of paddy namely IR 64 drt (developed through marker assisted selection), cultivation of quality protein maize and G 9 (developed through tissue culture) variety of banana, composite fish culture, etc. were covered by the concerned scientist. More than one hundred farmers were present in both trainings. The nice and overwhelming presence of the villagers including farm women and their active participation during the entire programme had made the training programme very much successful. At last the villagers had raised some region specific question in relation to the agricultural crop which was answered nicely.

Demonstration Programme: Demonstration of IR 64 drt and Sahbhagi varieties of paddy in 20 acres and HQPM 1 hybrid of quality protein maize in 2 acres of land in Tetri and Garhkhatanga villages of Namkum block were organized. Seed of mentioned varieties of paddy and maize were provided to the farmers. Pendimethylene (pre-emergence weedicide) for paddy and Atrazine (pre-emergence herbicide) for maize were also provided. Lime was applied in maize field during field preparation. One hundred pits were dug on the embankment of two ponds in selected villages. Five kilograms rotten FYM and half kilogram neem khali were added in the pit. Banana plantlets will be planted after seven days of pit manuring. Composite fish culture will be demonstrated in these two ponds. Lentil cutivation will also be demonstrated in two acres of land in these selected villages during rabi season.

Besides this, the technological know-how to cultivate these crops under given agro-climatic conditions was also shared with the tribal farmers in a participatory mode and in both the Hindi and the local language for better adoption. During deliberations due care were given to tribal rich traditional knowledge and existing crop husbandry practices of the tribal farmers  to imbibe sense of ownership among participants. The enthusiastic support by local panchayat body and overwhelming presence of young tribal women significantly added value and effect to the programme.

tsp1Training progarmme in Tetri Village, Namkum Block
tsp2Paddy Seed Distribution in Tetri Village, Namkum Block
tsp3Paddy Seed Distribution in Garhkhatanga Village, Namkum Block
tsp4Pond preparation for Composite Fish Culture in Garhkhatanga Village, Namkum Block
tsp5Banana Pit in Garhkhatanga Village, Namkum Block
tsp6Fertilizer distribution for Composite Fish Culture in Garhkhatanga Village, Namkum Block