Demand for agricultural produce is rising rapidly due to growing population, per capita income and demand from the industry. On the other hand, agricultural productivity of the country is under stress due to enhanced burden on natural resources. Thus the nation is facing a dual challenge of attaining the production growth coupled with sustainability. While conventional approaches need to be suitably geared to deliver the desired output, the frontier areas of biotechnology, bioinformatics and nanotechnology could provide path breaking solutions to meet the above challenges. Biotechnological interventions that have already made global impact and offer scope for revolutionizing the agricultural production and farmer’s income of the nation.

It has been felt that the desired impetus to the biotechnology mediated revolution of agricultural research is constrained by lack of adequate trained human resources in agricultural biotechnology. Therefore, on the recommendation of Veerappa Moily Committee, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), the apex body for agricultural research in the country took the initiative to set up Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IIAB). This institute, slated to be a demand university interfacing plant, animal, fish and microbial biotechnology under a single umbrella. The IIAB will lay emphasis on the emerging areas of Genomics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Breeding, Molecular Diagnostics, Genetic Engineering and Nano-biotechnology for providing quality higher education.